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The following is being developed by a project called reBASE. There is no token yet but the ticker is $REBL , I’m sure a lot of projects will get into nft treasure hunting in the future so it’s important to mention that tech is being developed in that area. reBASE is the first.

Part 1) An augmented reality app that brings NFTs from behind the screen to real life. This enables IRL Geo-Based NFT treasure hunts and creates a new narrative to follow called #Find2Earn or #Hunt2Earn. These Geo based NFTs allow reBASE to select event locations that are likely to produce large crowds in both spaces. NFTs minted at these events are associated with unique geo-metadata which can add some exclusivity to the nfts and increase the value.

Part 2) The metaverse – The app mentioned above is connected to their metaverse which is also bringing new tech to crypto. This Metaverse will be the first social metaverse mimicking the real world using Dymaxion Projection. This means the metaverse lands will mimic real world locations. Anything you build or buy in the metaverse or any NFT you own can be viewed in the world using the AR app.

Find2earn might catch on like Move2Earn did so if you want to follow rebase check out their medium and new website

The beta app is being released soon.

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