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Ecoterra is a blockchain-based company that encourages individuals and businesses to recycle through tokenized rewards. Ecoterra is holding its first ICO, organising phase one of the Ecoterra token presale, which has made over $2,100,000 as of the moment.

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Ecoterra and its goal

Ecoterra is one of the most interesting new crypto efforts launching in 2023, and it has a number of use cases that encourage people and businesses all over the world to recycle and reduce their effect on the environment.

Using the power of the Ethereum blockchain, Ecoterra aims to guarantee the transparency and verifiability of this impact over time. Ecoterra is a project that started with the idea of saving the planet.

The project wants to fight the worsening effects of climate change by getting people to do things like plant trees, get rid of trash, and clean up the environment.

The group of people behind Ecoterra shares a unique objective in dealing with the current environmental challenges, and that objective is to promote recycling as a means of combating global warming and climate change.

Unlike fiat money, Ecoterra tokens can not only considerably increase in value but can also be staked to collect dividends from Ecoterra’s revenue streams passively. In order to accomplish this goal, the corporation has created a number of programs that provide consumers with monetary and other benefits for recycling.

The presale time for Ecoterra started on March 29, 2023, and will end on June 19, 2023, or earlier if the hard cap of $6.7 million is reached. The price of one Ecoterra is $0.006 right now, but it will go up to $0.01 once all of the presale steps are done. This means that the first buyers will make a huge profit of 150%.

Ecoterra can only make a total of 2 million units, and 50% of those have been made available during the presale. This means that once Ecoterra is listed on both centralized and decentralized markets, there will be a lot of cash left over.

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Ecoterra “Recycle2Earn” Application

Recycle-2-Earn, an all-in-one software that features recycling tokens and ecology actions, is one of the primary projects that Ecoterra has created during the course of its existence. Recycle2Earn is a new idea that hasn’t been fully explored in the cryptocurrency space before. With R2E embedded into the Ecoterra app, users can get a prize every time they recycle their trash. Here are the steps people need to take to get paid for recycling:

  • Creating an account
  • Scanning the bar code on the recyclable item
  • Opening the Ecoterra app
  • Searching for the nearest Recycling vending machine (RVM)
  • Placing the recyclable item on the RVM
  • Get a receipt of the material and the number of units of recycled
  • Taking a photo of the receipt
  • Receiving Ecoterra tokens

Fundamental components of Ecoterra

Ecoterra aspires to be the major vehicle for offering a simple and quick recycling procedure to all parties concerned while also combating the global environmental crisis. To accomplish this, our primary goal is to construct a self-sustaining and circular ecosystem comprised of five fundamental components:


The consumer and the product companies are the most important people in recycling. First, companies are given a variety of different-sized recycling plans based on the three types of recyclable materials that RVMs accept: glass, plastic, and metal. After it has been changed to fit the needs of each business, the plan can be bought and the money sent to the users.

Because recycling is mostly up to the individual and his or her willingness to fight back against global warming and climate change, incentives are needed. In order to get more people to recycle, the money collected from companies when they buy a plan will be sent immediately to people when they choose to throw away their trash in the right way.

The recycling marketplace

The marketplace for recycled products is another great project that Ecoterra has made. There, people can meet with companies all over the world to buy recycled materials. They can pay for the goods with Ecoterra tokens, different cryptocurrencies, or fiat currencies.

The team behind Ecoterra has made sure that every project it launches has a positive effect on the environment. This is so that, with the help of many users who are given rewards and many companies around the world, they can reduce the effects of global warming and climate change.

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Ecoterra wants both people and companies to get involved with the educational programs it will be offering in the near future. As soon as the educational platform is up and running, some of the teaching materials on the platform will be added to the business recycling plans. Different plans will be made for each person. These plans will include greening activities and educational materials about why and how to go green.

The carbon offset marketplace

The carbon offset market is another thing that Ecoterra is working on now. In this marketplace, users will be able to buy carbon offsets straight through the app. VERA, one of Ecoterra’s partners, will make sure that the carbon credit is done correctly. Like the other two projects, Recycle2Earn and the recycled materials marketplace, users’ carbon offset marketplace actions will be shown on their Impact Profile.

What sets Ecoterra apart from other eco-friendly cryptocurrencies?

Users today are becoming more aware of how serious the problems facing the world are. Businesses have also started to actively use sustainable business strategies to meet the needs of customers and the environment. As a result, there are a lot of green projects on the crypto market that aim to reduce energy use and harm to the environment.

However, Ecoterra stands out from the sea of ecological crypto projects that have been announced in recent years because instead of putting businesses in line with climate goals by making them follow rules, the Ecoterra project comes up with a new way to help companies become more eco-friendly and also reap the benefits.

It gives them the chance to earn rewards and credits through its Recyclable Materials and Carbon Offsets Marketplaces and helps them keep an impact profile that their customers can see.


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