Despite Cryptocurrency Decline, Bitcoin Minetrix Surpasses $1 Million; Presale Set for Imminent Low-Cost Sellout

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Innovative stake-to-mine Bitcoin cloud-mining project Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) has raised more than $1,000,000 from contributors over a week.

Cloud mining of Bitcoin is an increasingly attractive product offering, but fraud is rampant. Unsuspecting customers often hand over cash for a mining income that never materializes.

Bitcoin Minetrix attacks this problem because it is a cashless system. No money changes hands because the process is entirely automated on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts.

The Native coin of the Bitcoin Minetrix stake-to-mine ecosystem, $BTCMTX, is on presale now, and the current first stage was due to end on October 16th (in 4 days and 20 hours at the time of writing). 

However, the Stage 1 raise target of $1.54 million may sell out before then, so there’s no time to lose in grabbing the all-time low price of  $0.011 by delaying. In Stage 2, the price rises to $0.0111.

Up to seventy percent of the total token supply of 4 billion $BTCMTX is available to purchase in the presale.

Bitcoin Minetrix Undergoes Audit and is Verified Secure

It is important to note that blockchain security firm Coinsult audits Bitcoin Minetrix. The project passed the audit with no significant issues. 

A link to the audit and whitepaper is prominently displayed above the fold on the website.

Sources at Bitcoin Minetrix say they will be locking liquidity when the coin launches on decentralized exchanges, although it will also target listings on centralized exchanges.  

Another plus for Bitcoin Minetrix presale contributors is that the project is based in crypto-friendly Georgia, and the address of the project is provided in the website footer: Ana Politkovskaia Street 3, Block 6, T’bilisi, 0186, Georgia.

The well-designed stake-to-mine system takes in staking deposits from users, earning cloud mining credits that are then used to cloud-mine Bitcoin.

And there’s no need to wait for the presale to finish before you can start earning staking rewards. With Bitcoin Minetrix, you can start earning from staking immediately while the coin is in presale. When the presale ends and the coin launches, the platform shifts to stake-to-mine.

Buy and stake now to earn a yield of 590% with $BTCMTX. The $30,000 Minedrop Giveaway is live now

Everything is above board and easily understandable with Bitcoin Minetrix. Of the total token supply of 4 billion $BTCMTX, 7.5% is allocated for staking.  

There are two possible passive income streams to be earned that run consecutively. 

First, the $BTCMTX tokens can be earned, currently at an annual percentage yield of 590%. For every ETH block produced, 158.5 $BTCMTX is rewarded. At the time of writing, 7.6 million $BTCMTX has been staked.

Secondly, there is the income stream from the mining operations after the switch to stake-to-mine happens at launch. According to the whitepaper, the team has already conducted exploratory discussions with cloud vendors.

To help potential buyers with their decision-making, Bitcoin Minetrix has launched a $30,000 Minedrop giveaway. The full entry details about the Gleam-hosted giveaway can be found on the Bitcoin Minetrix website.

Influencers Predict Bitcoin Minetrix Could Skyrocket by 10x at Debut

Some key financial influencers in the crypto space are backing Bitcoin Minetrix because of its positioning as a disruptive force in the industry.

A key factor in determining mining profitability is the cost of the electricity to run the ASIC rigs that operate 24/7 around the clock. It means that the days of individuals mining Bitcoin on their laptops are long gone. But Bitcoin Minetrix provides new hope for the little guy. 

The capital outlay is prohibitively expensive for individuals looking to get involved in mining, making the cloud-mining approach even more attractive.

Conor Kenny, a YouTube influencer with 165,000, is cheerleading for Bitcoin Minetrix and, again, is also blown away by the simplicity of the idea and the passive income routes it opens up for ordinary folk.

The frictionless tokenized entry route to Bitcoin mining that Bitcoin Minetrix provides is just one of the reasons why Michael Wrubel told his 310,000 subscribers, “I am bullish on BTCMTX”: 

Crypto expert analyst Austin Hilton believes with Bitcoin Minetrix. He has unearthed a hidden gem that will massively disrupt the Bitcoin mining industry. He thinks it is “the ultimate altcoin now.” 

Bitcoin Minetrix is being cited by presale analyst Jacob Crypto Bury (20,000+ subscribers) as having 10x return potential:

Last but not least, Humphries, with 116,000 subscribers on YouTube, is also focused on the passive income potential of the Bitcoin Minetrix platform:

Follow These Steps to Link, Purchase, and Stake to Begin Earning $BTCMTX Today

To buy the $BTCMTX token, you will need ETH, USDT, BNB, or a bank card. If you plan to purchase with ETH, you can start staking-to-earn straightaway. 

All you need to do is connect your wallet, determine how much you wish to invest, and ensure you have a small amount above that to cover transaction fees (approximately $10-20) if using the Ethereum blockchain.

Buy Bitcoin Minetrix today

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