Crypto trading vs. crypto investing: Key differences explained

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The most significant advantages of trading cryptocurrencies are quick profit generation, secure value storage, low fees and universal accessibility. Meanwhile, crypto assets’ inherent risk and volatility count as disadvantages.

The main benefit of cryptocurrency trading is the potential to generate quick profits by taking advantage of short-term price movements and market trends. Some cryptocurrency traders also value assets such as BTC as a secure store of value, especially since cryptocurrencies were designed to function independently of central institutions.

Cryptocurrencies can also be traded peer-to-peer, incurring much lower fees than transactions involving central authorities, such as banks and financial institutions. Cryptocurrencies are also generally accessible universally, allowing anyone with an internet connection and mobile device or computer to create a cryptocurrency wallet and start trading.

On the other hand, crypto trading also carries significant risks due to its high volatility — meaning prices can swing rapidly up and down. This could lead to substantial losses if traders are not careful and don’t monitor their positions. 

So, is crypto trading good for beginners? While beginners can start trading small amounts as they build experience, it is worth noting that the risks associated with crypto trading are much higher than most other forms of investing, meaning that high-stakes trading may not be the most suitable investment method for beginners.

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