Cointelegraph Markets Pro delivers alerts for 113% gains from 5 trades in the face of 10% BTC drop

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In Cointelegraph Markets Pro’s latest VORTECS™ Report, the institutional-grade crypto trading platform reveals how its members could have captured a cumulative 113% gain by following five trades based on three different advanced data indicators. The report depicts trading alerts generated between March 5–10, 2023. 

The potential gains available to Cointelegraph Markets Pro subscribers significantly outperform a simple buy-and-hold strategy during the same period, which would’ve yielded holders of Bitcoin (BTC) a loss of 10%.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro uses indicators such as the VORTECS™ Score, NewsQuakes™ and Tweet Volume to provide alerts for subscribers in real time. The past three reports have included alerts with cumulative returns over 100%, showing that this advanced crypto intelligence platform churns out winning trade opportunities each week.


Everipedia (IQ) — 20% gain

IQ’s price chart after a green VORTECS™ Score alert. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

Frequent top performer IQ rapidly recovered from the mid-week market plunge. On March 12, a string of strong VORTECS™ Scores as high as 92 alerted subscribers of bullish conditions for the token. The asset’s price was $0.005 when the green lights flashed, but just eight hours later, it jumped to $0.006 — an increase of 20%!

IQ is the native token of Everipedia, an informative knowledge platform built on blockchain technology. The token powers all application and governance processes for the platform.


Liquity (LQTY) — 38% gain

LQTY’s price chart after a NewsQuakes™ alert. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

Once again, the NewsQuakes™ alerted subscribers to assets preceding solid gains. On March 9, a NewsQuake™ went out to inform subscribers that would list LQTY. When the news dropped, LQTY was trading at $1.86, but soon began to climb to an eventual peak of $2.56 on March 13. That’s an increase of 38%!

MonkeyLeague (MBS) — 29% gain

MBS’s NewsQuake™ alert and return data. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

On March 3, a NewsQuake™ alerted Cointelegraph Markets Pro subscribers that MonkeyLeague partnered with Web3 gaming decentralized autonomous organization IndiGG. A week later, the price of MonkeyLeague’s in-game currency MBS had risen 29%!

MBS is the currency driving the Web3 soccer game MonkeyLeague. The token is used for game features and can be earned through gameplay.

Tweet Volume

The Tweet Volume indicator measures a project’s activity on the social media platform Twitter. The rationale behind its use is that widespread community-driven discussion can sometimes drive an asset’s price up or down.

KAVA (KAVA) — 31% gain

KAVA’s price chart after a 517% increase in Twitter Volume. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

On March 8, KAVA was in second place on the Tweet Volume chart, sitting at +370% above its typical 30-day average. At the time, it was trading around $0.80; but just five days later, its price had climbed to $1.05! That’s an impressive 31% ascent in a tumultuous market.

Loom (LOOM) — 17% gain

LOOM’s price chart after a 336% increase in Twitter Volume. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

On March 7, LOOM showed up on both the Tweet and Trading Volume charts, with Tweets up 243% versus its average and its trading volume up 337%. The token’s price was $0.06 at the time, but just 10 hours later, its price went up to $0.07. That’s a 17% rise!

Cointelegraph Markets Pro delivers gains despite a choppy market

The six-day period between March 5 and 10 displayed Cointelegraph Markets Pro’s ability to deliver traders alpha-generating alerts despite the conditions of the market. As discussed in the introduction, Bitcoin dropped 10% in the same period as the alerts listed above.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro has been delivering results for over two years. The NewsQuakes™ indicator, the most successful indicator on the platform, has delivered impressive average historical returns of 120x.

This means that had you bought and held every NewsQuakes™ listing alert for one hour, you could have yielded as much as $120,000 from a starting stake of just $1,000.

Not to forget, Markets Pro users receive an average of four momentum-fueled alerts each and every week, regardless of their level of experience or overall market conditions.

See how Cointelegraph Markets Pro delivers market-moving data before this information becomes public knowledge.

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All ROIs quoted are accurate as of March 23, 2023…

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