Call for Submissions! DApps Solving Real-World Issues

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At Devcon 4, Aya Miyaguchi gave a talk about the Ethereum Foundation’s values, about Ethereum as being representative of hope for an open future, and about a better world that we can build by applying this philosophy and technology. Our community reflects this effort as many embrace the spirit of Kaizen, or continuous change for the better, through their work each day.

As a non-profit organization, the Ethereum Foundation has a vision that we’ve outlined and tried to embody through our values, mission and work, but we know that the developers behind dApps built on Ethereum are the ones who will execute on this vision. Together, we can build a more globally accessible, more trustworthy and free internet, and eventually a society with less imbalance and injustice. That’s why we’re looking to learn more about the change already happening using impactful dApps built on Ethereum. If you, or someone you know, is building an application on Ethereum aimed at solving real-world issues, we would love to hear from you. Please take part in our short 3-5 minute survey, now available here.

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The very first dApps were still conceptual only a few years ago, but we’ve advanced in a short time from proof-of-concepts to seeing developers solve challenging issues in their own regions and local communities. We see it as part of our responsibility to highlight the good faith efforts and positive works of all those helping to realize the Ethereum Foundation’s mission.

To that end, we have worked to connect new and underfunded builders with the most involved members of our industry through programs like our scholarship track at Devcon this year. This work will continue and expand, but there is more that we can learn in the near-term about our own community, which brings us to this new effort.

The Ethereum Foundation is only one star among many in this ecosystem, but it is our aim to connect and support others working to improve the world. Help us advance our understanding of all the stars that are out there, including those that have been hidden from our view, so that we can be a better connector and supporter to all!

Let’s bring this constellation to life. Thank you, we hope that you’ll take part in our survey, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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