#Blackstallion do something unique in crypto and gameFi

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The new GameFi project, created by #Blackstallion and their community called crypto call of duty,it is a 3D multiplayer game developed using Unreal Engine 5. Many top influencers have retweeted the game, and even Polygon has shown its support. , and everyone is excited for its release on May 15. This is the first time the cryptocurrency market has seen a project of this magnitude, combining gaming and a cryptocurrency , you can check platforms to check details about the game I really shocked and exited to crypto future.

CMC link :

Hey, check this out! 👀Black Stallion BS US$0.5812 +75.29 % https://coinmarketcap.com/link/currencies/black-stallion

If the team will be successful to controlling project, i think it is be better to crypto industry

I can’t put photo or teaser video you can checkout their social media to get more

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