Best Crypto To Invest In In 2023, IMPT, Raises $13.5 Million – Pre-Sale Ends Soon

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This year has been challenging for the cryptocurrency markets. Most platforms lost more than two-thirds of their worth in a matter of months, which caused panic and anxiety among cryptocurrency traders all over the world. It has never been this difficult to find a cryptocurrency project built to keep developing consistently in the new climate.

Keep watching as we discuss cryptocurrencies like IMPT, which is anticipated to soar in 2023 as well as keep expanding in the future if you’re wanting to set up a company that will provide you substantial profits over the long term. (IMPT) Raises $13.5 million

IMPT aims to raise awareness of carbon pollution and assist users in lowering their carbon footprints as the world’s largest and fastest-growing blockchain initiative. In addition, the platform will invest a portion of its earnings in global green projects to support the creation of a better world.

But how would that actual function? Simple: If a customer purchases something from one of the over 10,000 well-known global businesses with whom IMPT has collaborated, they will receive carbon credits. The goal is to minimize carbon footprints, and these credentials will be accessible to all other users. Users can achieve this by minting their carbon credits into distinctive NFTs for value maintenance or swapping them for IMPT tokens on the local exchange.

Global investors are drawn to IMPT because of its innovative strategy for reducing carbon emissions. The platform acquired over $13 million in less than two months, making it one of the most popular pre-sales right now. Go to the official IMPT website to purchase IMPT cryptocurrencies at a discount and invest in the fastest-growing cryptocurrency available.

Amazon is one of the 10,000 retailers to sign up for the affiliate program

The introduction of is keenly anticipated. To participate in the project’s affiliate shopping program, which enables customers and companies to buy carbon offsets to mitigate their footprint, hundreds of stores have signed up.

By the time of its debut, IMPT plans to collaborate with 10,000 shops.

Retailers that have already joined the platform include Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Domino’s, Lego, and many more. Amazon, well-known tech brands like Samsung and Microsoft, fashion retailers like River Island and Harry Brown, and the three newest members: Tripadvisor, Dyson, and AEG are among the other retailers.

Your chosen participating merchant will donate a portion of your purchase price to a verified green project when you use the IMPT internet widget or mobile app.

To claim that IMPT will offer individuals and companies the most straightforward means of having a significant influence on reducing global warming and reducing carbon footprints is not an understatement.

Additionally, IMPT is launching the first worldwide grading system so that every business and consumer may assess how they’re doing with carbon offsetting.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

One of the intriguing new cryptocurrency initiatives, Dash 2 Trade, launched at the ideal time. It’s a brand-new cryptocurrency analytics platform as well as an exchange market with all the resources you require to improve your ROI and lower your trading risks. It gathers and examines information on every cryptocurrency, giving consumers the crucial knowledge they require to make wiser financial decisions.

Because all necessary information is displayed in a single dashboard, users can easily follow social sentiment and find the best investment opportunities. The site was supposed to have been ruined. But following the FTX incident, the developers decided to wrap up presales at stage 4, aiming to protect investors from liabilities as the economy crashed.

D2T will soon begin with a few fundamental functions, but the developers will gradually add all the functionality they promised. Imagine having a reliable cryptocurrency analytics tool that alerts you in real time to the greatest purchase and sale opportunities. Dash 2 Trade specifically does that, but it is capable of much more than that. To gain an advantage in your future cryptocurrency transactions as soon as the program is live, check out the official D2T website and invest right now.

RobotEra (TARO)

One of the most recent projects that recently went into presale is RobotEra. At the heart of this project’s complexity is a block-building game. Similar to Minecraft, it also incorporates blockchain technology that lets users win TARO tokens as they play. The game has several sophisticated features, such as an integrated NFT shop, a sophisticated in-game social and economic structure, and more.

Players construct their robot avatars and the rest of RobotEra’s incredible virtual environment after selecting one of five possible fractions. In addition to exploring the environment, completing tasks, and winning battles in the arena, players may sell their inventions as NFTs and receive TARO tokens in exchange. Players must cooperate and create alliances as the game develops to establish supply lines and acquire the materials required to construct distinctive constructions.

RobotEra is rapidly garnering a huge fan base. TARO tokens sold in large quantities during the presale, which garnered nearly $300,000 within a week. Early in 2023, the platform will go live, providing huge rewards for all TARO coin owners. Go to the authorized RobotEra website and register as an early investor to receive TARO coins at the cheapest cost possible if you contribute right now.

Calvaria (RIA)

Another brand-new cryptocurrency project, Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, is anticipated to take off in 2023. A group of seasoned blockchain developers that love trading card games created the initiative. It draws inspiration from well-known games like Hearthstone as well as Magic: The Gathering, a game that has gained a lot of popularity since incorporating blockchain technology.

The game features two variants to promote blockchain adoption. The first is a typical mobile game with identical gameplay to the blockchain variant but no play-to-earn elements. Instead, it will continue to educate users about the various advantages of the blockchain variant in the hopes that it will encourage them to embrace it and start earning native RIA currencies while they play.


Our list of the top crypto presales as of right now is complete. These outstanding projects have excellent tokenization, high-end security, anti-rug pull techniques, and best-in-class architecture that adheres to industry best practices. Invest today to obtain the best returns by visiting their websites to learn further about each.

Meanwhile, as the IMPT presale window is about to close, better step up and invest in this crypto. Visit to get started.

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