Best Crypto to Buy Right Now – CFX, NEO, CCHG, TARO, SAND Next 10x Cryptocurrencies

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The cryptocurrency market is gradually recovering from the brutal winter of 2022, and investors are directing their capital toward projects with strong utility potential. Below is the list of the best crypto at the moment, with a solid use case and extensive growth potential.

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C+Charge (CCHG)

In order to make the carbon credit market accessible to all participants, particularly electric vehicle drivers, C+Charge is building a platform for seamless payment solutions based on blockchain technology. C+Charge is a platform that provides electric vehicle drivers with a unified app to simplify their experience.

The app links EV owners to charging networks, making it easy to monitor and plan charging times as well as cost for recharges directly from the app’s C+Charge cryptocurrency wallet. The app allows users to drive without worrying about unnecessary expenses by providing access to real-time information about the availability,

cost, and energy consumption of charging stations. C+Charge is one of the few real-world Web3 applications. For quick charger diagnosis, real-time data transfer to EVSPs, payment options for charging station networks, and an index for carbon credits that C+Charge network users who also own tokens can build up are all possible with it.

The native token, CCHG, will be used primarily for charging-related payments. Additionally, ownership of CCHG will enable access to carbon credits on C+Charge. The cryptocurrency asset is currently up for presale and has already raised more than $1.55 million.

Currently, one CCHG token costs $0.017. However, with five days left in the fourth presale stage, the crypto token’s price will increase to $0.018 when the fifth stage begin. Guide on how to buy CCHG token here.

The Sandbox (SAND)

An early innovator and elite project in the metaverse space is The Sandbox. Users can create and organize within the metaverse due to the project’s creation of a complete metaverse ecosystem. Huge sponsorships and endorsements have been given to the initiative. This included collaborating with Warner Music Group to create a music festival in the metaverse.

Building a digital skatepark with Tony Hawk and a virtual MetaMansion with Playboy. even collaborations with the venerable gaming manufacturer Atari. With the addition of the new token unlocked by The Sandbox, the overall circulating supply has increased to 12.41%. SAND is listed on

This announcement coincides with The Sandbox’s collaboration with Saudi Arabia. This has contributed to 20% increase in price. A total of about 82 million SAND coins have been transferred to various exchanges. Things occurred after the two announcements. According to recent analysis, The Sandbox token holders stand to profit.

The full list of the best crypto to buy now in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more potential crypto reviews.

RobotEra (TARO)

TARO is the native currency of the RobotEra ecosystem, which is a brand new Play-to-Earn metaverse. Users of the platform can compete against one another in order to earn rewards, and they can also construct structures with the assistance of robots on a map that depicts an interplanetary environment.

As players advance through the game, they will have the opportunity to construct buildings, upgrade their primary robots and secondary robot companions, and redesign the lands. RobotEra has the potential to become a major player in the Web3 gaming space due to its distinctive concept,

user-friendly interface, and monetization options, all of which have the potential to attract a large audience. TARO, the native token for RobotEra, is also accessible on presale, and the price of a token is currently $0.020. Guide on how to buy TARO token here.

However, the price of a token will increase at $0.025 during the next stage of the sale. Over $938,000 was gathered through the sale of the digital asset.


Fight Out (FGHT) – Move to Earn in the Metaverse

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