Best Crypto to Buy Now November 1 – Theta Network, Toncoin, XDC Network

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 InsideBitcoins regularly provides a rundown of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now, considering their recent price performance.

The crypto industry started the fourth quarter with impressive numbers. Bitcoin, being one of the biggest gainers of the quarter, has kept its price above $34k, and there are indications that it will continue on its upward trend as we approach its halving year. 

Fortunately, we’re witnessing similar trends across major cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Hence, what are the best crypto to buy now?

Best Crypto to Buy Now

Generally, the halving year often favors the mining sector as activities in the market reach their peak. 2024 might be the year to consider investing in crypto mining to take advantage of the bull run. Bitcoin Minetrix is currently working on a project seeking to profit from Bitcoin mining. Additionally, the platform implements a tokenization model, allowing investors to benefit from the project. 

Global Cryptocurrency Market Cap

Global Crypto Market Cap Chart

The project is currently offering its tokens on presale, and the details are included in the article. Moreover, we’ve also listed tokens that are printing exceptional performance in the last 24 hours. 

1. Theta Network (THETA) 

The price of THETA increased by over 10% in the early hours of today, pushing the gains in the last 30 days to about 14%. With the current uptrend, THETA might print some gains since its price slid into a decline in April. Currently, the price of THETA is at $0.75, and there are speculations that it will close the year with $0.8 – $1. 

Theta Network Price Chart

Furthermore, THETA trading volume recorded an increase of over 520% today, which accounts for the Upward pressure on its price. Nonetheless, is THETA the best crypto to buy now? 

THETA continues its trend as one of the best-performing cryptos since the crypto market kicked into recovery. Hence, many investors are watching its potential closely. 

Besides, Theta Network is currently exploring the AI sector via partnerships. The new move will likely open new opportunities for the platform. 

The token continues to print excellent numbers, with its market cap reaching 1 billion dollars. The token is currently pushing against the $0.74 – $0.76 resistance, and a further upward push may result in a protracted price increase. 

Overall, THORChain has had 15 green days in the last 30 days. Conversely, its price has dropped by 37% this year, which implies that it’s an opportunity to buy the dip. 

2. Stellar (XLM) 

XML started the day as one of the top gainers. In the last 24 hours, the price of Stellar has increased by over 4%, and its trading volume has also gone up by over 75%. 

Generally, many are projecting XML price to $0.2 before the end of this quarter. However, the token is battling its resistance zone at $0.12 – $0.13. If it successfully breaks above this zone, its price might be poised for a protracted bullish trend that will likely take its price above $0.2.

Stellar Price Chart

In the last 30 days, XML has recorded over 8% increase in price, and the current improvement in the crypto market sentiment mainly drives the trend. 

Sadly, XML’s high volatility threatens its stability as it only has 55% of its total supply in circulation. It accounts for the constant price fluctuation. 

However, its current price compared to its long-term moving averages shows that the token is poised for bullish trends. Hence, it can be one of the best crypto to buy now.

3. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) 

Bitcoin Minetrix has set a vision to establish a blockchain-based system, allowing it to provide hassle-free BTC mining for the next ten years. 

Its Bitcoin mining solution is to give more people the chance to profit by becoming early investors. Hence, BTCMTX is currently on presale. 

BTCMTX is the native token of the Bitcoin Minetrix platform, and it’s on sale for as low as $0.11. 

While it’s easy to get into crypto mining as an individual or business entity, the capital, risks, and competition of the venture can quickly erode the potential returns. 

With Bitcoin Minetrix, investors can own a piece of a large mining process through its BTCMTX token. Another upside is that the token will be listed on various exchanges. Thus, its value is projected to grow with the increasing adoption of the platform. 

The presale program has a goal of raising $3,385,912, and it has raised $2,949,035.89. Again, the inflationary nature of the presale price implies that in another 21 hours, BTCMTX price will increase by a few percent. The details of the project can be found on the presale page. 

Visit the Bitcoin Minetrix presale.

4. XDC Network (XDC)

XDC recorded over 5% price increase today. Is XDC the best crypto to buy now? Generally, Layer-1 crypto platforms are recording increased activities, with Bitcoin and Ethereum printing impressive gains after the market recovery kicked in. 

XDC Network Price Chart

XDC, being a Layer-1 project, is also recording impressive gains. It posted 11 green days in the previous month, ending its year-long price decline. Based on its current performance, XDC may be one of the best cryptos to include in investors’ watchlist because several indicators point to a potential increase in the asset’s price. 

Its market sentiment remains bullish, with a greed sentiment rating of 66, a 200-day EMA value of 0.49, a 100-day EMA of 0.46, and a price of $0.05. Consequently, XDC might climb up to $0.1 before the end of the year. 

XDC is also enjoying the visibility generated by its sponsorship of the Hong Kong event. 

5. Toncoin (TON) 

TON recently tested the $2.3 resistance zone to break above the zone. However, it faced a rejection from the bears that brought its price back below the $2.1 range. In the last 24 hours, TON printed over a 3% price increase and over 55% increase in trading volume. 

XDC Network Price Chart

Also, its performance stacked against other cryptocurrencies reveals that TON is ahead of 84% of tokens in the market. Additionally, its current price remains above its long-term EMA, indicating that the bulls still have the upper hand. 

On the other hand, TON continues to struggle with liquidity, which may result in churning if it is not checked. Nonetheless, it’s still an excellent time to add TON to the watchlist to see how the trend unfolds. 

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