Arbitrum airdrop sells-off at listing, but traders remain bullish on ARB

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The official Arbitrum airdrop page crashed right after the claiming process began around 9 a.m. EST. Some users still managed to claim it through alternative methods like Arbiscan. In the first two hours, the market witnessed a massive sell-off of the token as its price declined from over $10.29 to lows of $1.

At ByBit, the token started trading for $7.50, but dropped to $1.50 within minutes. At the time of writing, the token was trading at $1.33.

Only one address successfully sold the token at $10.29 through the ARB/USDC pool on Uniswap, bagging $64,340 for 6,250 tokens. A few others were able to sell for $4.50, however, the price dropped quickly below $1.50 as more sellers arrived. 

ARB/USDC trades on Uniswap. Source: GeckoTerminal

Nansen data shows that out of 6.03 million ARB claimed by “smart money” wallets, $5.01 million were moved to a centralized or a decentralized exchange, most likely to sell. The analytics firm puts “smart money” tags on addresses that trade in significant size and are usually active.

Flow of ARB token across “smart money” wallets. Source: Nansen

While some smart money accounts added 3.45 million from DEXs. Overall, the amount moved to exchanges was 150% larger than inflows to the wallets, suggesting a massive sell-off.

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Poor claiming experience for the average user

The Aribtrum airdrop claim web page crashed thanks to overwhelming requests from users to claim ARB tokens. The page returned 404 and 429 errors, remaining down for more than an hour after the claiming process began.

Nevertheless, some users still claimed the airdrop through alternative services like Arbiscan. The blockchain explorer witnessed a record number of visitors of over 84,000 in the first 30 minutes after the claiming window opened.

Nansen’s data shows that 15% of the airdrop claims were processed when the official Arbitrum webpage was down.

However, the claims through Arbiscan were far from smooth. The website also suffered from downtime due to traffic overload, creating a bad user experience for many.

The token claiming widow will be alive for 184 days till September 24, 2023.