5 Best Altcoins to Buy Now June 19 – Fetch.ai, Toncoin, Conflux, Immutable X 

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Stakeholders have started to pay more attention to interoperability and tokenizing real-world assets. The values of these altcoins are surging despite the market’s bearish sentiment. The objective is to identify the best altcoins investors can invest in. 

With the excitement building for this year’s bull run, investors need to know the significant altcoins poised for gains in the market. This article overviews altcoins gaining popularity in the growing crypto market. These coins have unique features and the potential to generate massive gains for investors.

5 Best Altcoin to Buy Now 

Immutable X’s holders are structuring their portfolios ahead of a proposed partnership deal. The token displays robust resilience, with the Fear and Greed Index registering 76. Meanwhile, Fetch.ai’s impressive 16% surge in 24 hours signals a distinct shift in investor sentiment towards the token.

Furthermore, Bitcoin’s recent blockchain ventures are gaining notice. Among them is 99Bitcoins, a Learn-to-Earn token that has swiftly gained popularity since its presale commenced. 99Bitcoins has raised over $2.2 million, indicating significant interest in this novel concept.

1. Conflux (CFX)

Meta Intelligence and Conflux have entered into a partnership deal to launch a digital human NFT. These NFTs are based on real individuals, offering an innovative way to access the Metaverse. Also, the team has announced the upgrade to Hydra Version 2.3.5. This upgrade strengthens node compatibility, stability, and transaction handling while enabling faster reboots and improved snapshot support.

CFX’s price indicates that bulls have ignited a solid buying pressure as CFX overturned selling confidence by heading toward the $0.19 mark. Further analysis revealed that sellers are strongly defending a decline as the 24-hour volume has seen an uptick to $11.2 million, indicating a heightened interest in trading activity today. 

Conflux price chart

Meanwhile, CFX trades at $0.18 today, signifying a 3.7% increase in the last 24 hours. The RSI-14 trend line has risen from its last level to trade above the midline, implying more bullish tendencies. Moreover, the SMA-14 level suggests volatility due to its market cap in the next few hours. 

Furthermore, the hourly price movement shows that Conflux struggles to hold above the immediate support line; however, bulls are eyeing further recovery in the upcoming hours. If CFX’s price successfully holds its momentum above $0.2085, it will fuel a bullish rally to $0.2425.

Moreover, the MACD movement has formed bullish candles above the signal line. The MACD indicator aims for a positive momentum to strengthen long-position holders’ confidence. Besides, the recent approval of spot Ether ETF might stimulate the surge of Chinese crypto tokens, and we might witness an uptick in CFX prices in the coming days.

2. Fetch.ai (FET)

Elon Musk’s support for crypto AI through his tweets has dramatically influenced the position and growth of Fetch.ai. Meanwhile, the token has collaborated with SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol to form the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance. The Alliance is set to be launched on July 15. 

The collaboration will see FET, AGIX, and OCEAN tokens combined into ASI on July 15, although the tokens will continue trading independently until the merger. Furthermore, the protocol leaders have stressed the Alliance’s dedication to building a decentralized superintelligence network. 

Fetch.ai price chart

Meanwhile, the current VM ratio of the FET indicates a bullish momentum in the token’s price. FET is currently trading near the value of $1.25, with an intraday increase of 16%. The token also trades at 216.58% and 667% above its YTD and post-launch value, respectively. 

Meanwhile, FET is currently in a solid bullish upward climb. It is trading above the 50 and 100 EMAs on the 24-hour chart. However, the upward ascent of the token can see a break near the $1.8 mark, while the support of Fetch.ai might move closer to $1.

3. Toncoin (TON)

TON, the native token of The Open Network, has had one of the best performances this cycle. The token hit a new all-time high (ATH) thrice between Friday and today and flipped Ethereum’s active users this week. Investors believe this breakout and recent performance could set the stage for a rally toward the $10 mark.

Analysis of Toncoin’s price movement indicates that the token was on the verge of a significant breakout. The 24-hour price movement shows an ascending triangle pattern on TON’s chart. This formation implies the token is gearing up for a 40% breakout to reclaim the $8 price mark.

Toncoin price chart

The token tested the $7.7 resistance level, surpassing its all-time high of $7.76 before retracting today. TON had seen a price rally, briefly breaking above the $8 resistance level. After setting its new ATH, Toncoin retraced below the $8 mark. The token hovers between the $6.5 and $7.9 price range today. Moreover, TON displays a 7.7% and 17.6% increase in the weekly and monthly timeframes.

Meanwhile, Toncoin’s performance highlights its green days amid the market slowdown. This recent performance has caught the attention of market players. Several analysts predict a double-digit target for the token before June ends. The bullish sentiment toward TON has set the next target for the token above the $10 price range.

Due to its real-life use and adoption, Toncoin recently surpassed Ethereum in daily active addresses. This feat was attributed to its integration with Telegram and its 900 million user base. This highlights TON’s performance and the community’s optimism in closing its gap with Solana.

4. Immutable X (IMX)

Immutable X emerges as Ethereum’s premier layer-two NFT scaling solution, addressing scalability, user experience, market liquidity, and development speed. The platform offers a streamlined and efficient framework for NFT transactions and applications, overcoming Ethereum’s inherent constraints. 

Immutable has recently experienced a significant price rally, marking a 175% increase over the last year. Speculation suggests that IMX could surge by 50,000%, reaching unprecedented highs. This upward trajectory positions Immutable as a promising player in the NFT space.

Immutable X price chart

Immutable’s price has increased by 8.3% in the last 24 hours, indicating a significant bullish trend. The token has posted 25 green days in the last 30 days and trades above its 200-day SMA. Also, the Fear and Greed index displays greed.

In summary, IMX’s growth is attributed to increased trading activity and heightened investor interest. Immutable’s emphasis on scalability and user-friendly solutions for developers and gamers has strengthened its position in the market, suggesting potential for further gains if the current momentum sustains.

5. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

99Bitcoins continues to attract attention for its built-in staking protocol. It also offers a yield of 1,140% per year and has been fully audited by SolidProof. As the presale continues, the potential for 99Bitcoins looks promising. The approval of spot ETH ETFs in the US could drive capital into the crypto market, boosting demand for tokens like 99BTC.

Moreover, the project has raised over $2.2 million in its ongoing presale. Its innovative “Learn-to-Earn” strategy is aimed at transforming crypto education. Rather than passively absorbing content, users will engage with courses. These courses will include quizzes and interactive tutorials to earn 99BTC tokens, providing financial incentives for learning.

Meanwhile, the gamified Learn-to-Earn feature is just the beginning for 99Bitcoins Token. Its developers have announced plans to migrate 99BTC from the ERC-20 chain to the BRC-20 chain. This strategic move aims to create a cross-chain bridge protocol for the project. 

Furthermore, this transition could position 99Bitcoins as a disruptive force in crypto. It will also ensure it attracts significant attention from Bitcoin maximalists. The project’s $99,999 BTC airdrop campaign has also fueled presale excitement, with 99 early adopters set to share in the prize pool.

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