4 Crypto Games with Strong Fundamentals to Trade through the Crash

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Games based on blockchain technology have the ability to bring about positive change in the gaming
industry. Players that invest real money in these types of games — or even contribute to the gaming
Metaverse as free-to-play gamers — have the opportunity to stake a claim to ownership of in-game
products such as trading cards thanks to the development of this technology.

The fact that players not only have control over in-game assets but also have the ability to buy,
trade, and sell those goods is what makes play-to-earn such an exciting and popular game right now.

Consequently, users on GameFi platforms have the opportunity to earn incentives in the form of
NFTs and tokens. These tokens may be exchanged on exchanges as well as utilized in the built-in
markets that are a part of the platform.

Now if you’re looking to invest your money in some of these coins but are not aware which have the
potential to weather the storm of this bear market and end up giving you 10x returns, then you have
arrived to the right location.

The global gaming industry has achieved an all-time high, which has been somewhat exacerbated as
a result of the lockdowns and stay-at-home instructions that have been issued as a result of the
COVID-19 epidemic.

People may not only play games but also explore on their own, construct their own story arcs, buy
real estate, acquire collectibles, battle monsters, and much more. The possibilities presented by
these platforms and the Metaverse are nearly unlimited.

However, in order to accomplish any of these things, you will need digital currencies, which are the
means by which you may do business, buy a digital collectable, or take part in an exquisite

Keeping this in mind, the gaming industry and the blockchain network came together in a divine
marriage, which resulted in the creation of gaming cryptocurrencies in the form of coins and tokens.
These cryptocurrencies are the game-changers in the current cryptocurrency market.

Following are the best 4 gaming crypto coins with the possibility to sail through the crash and end up
sky rocketing.

 Battle Infinity

The creators of the forthcoming free-to-play game Battle Infinity want to create a platform that
provides players with a variety of advantages by fusing elements of gaming and the virtual world.

Battle Infinity

Six different platforms are available to players, one of which being the IBAT Premier League, which
has a fantasy sports game that is connected with the Metaverse.

To participate in matches and leagues, players must first purchase an NFT pass. This may be done by
purchasing the platform’s native token, which is known as IBAT.

Battle Swap is a marketplace that enables users to trade NFT passes and convert prizes into other
assets. Customers may use this marketplace to purchase the coin as well.

Battle Staking gives players the opportunity to compete against one another for the greatest prizes,
while Battle Market assigns a monetary value to items and characters that, in the traditional game
business, would not normally be considered valuable.

Battle Arena gives users the ability to create their own one-of-a-kind avatars, but they can also
customize these characters by purchasing new outfits and haircuts from the Battle Market.

Through the use of the Battle Market, it is also able to add hats or jewelry to your character. Players
on the Battle Games platform have access to a variety of NFT games, which they may use to earn.
Players have the option of exchanging their winnings in the form of NFTs for other currencies.

Players that participate often are eligible to get rewards from the global staking pool in the form of a
share of the IBAT transaction costs.

In addition to making the ecosystem more robust, players who own IBAT may use it to advertise
their services or products on billboards located within the platform.

Players may keep informed about the most recent developments in the game by joining the Battle
Infinity Telegram group (remember admins will never DM you first).

Battle Infinity, which has now sold out its presale early but will be listed on cryptocurrency
exchanges like as PancakeSwap, is a good option for investors searching for projects that have the
potential to expand. Investors do not need to go any further.

Visit Battle Infinity


Tamadoge is a new cryptocurrency gaming project that is presently on presale till Q4 2022 and is one
of the hottest investments as of right now with a high potential return — investing early during a
presale or an initial coin offering often provides the biggest profits.

Buy Tamadoge

Tamadoge is a planned non-fungible token (NFT) pet’s game that will be similar to CryptoKitties,
Neopets Meta, or Catecoin but will have a Doge-based theme.

Its goal is to capitalize on the widespread popularity of meme coins while also adding more utility to
the game. Tama, the game’s native token, will be the rewards token that players will earn for
engaging in battle with their Doge pets.

The name of the game is a pun on the word ;Tamagotchi, and players will be responsible for the
care, feeding, and training of their pets from birth to adulthood.

In subsequent phases of the roadmap, Tamadoge plans to add implement a feature called move to
earn, which would allow users to receive prizes for walking their dogs.

Follow the link below to learn more about this initiative, and be sure to subscribe to their official
Telegram for updates (beware of imposters in crypto Telegram groups, admins will never DM you
first or ask for your seed phrase).

The initial round of the Tamadoge presale has already brought in close to 800,000 dollars and is on
track to sell out earlier than expected, just like Battle Infinity did, which is our next recommended
pay-to-play game.

Visit Tamadoge

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity gives players the opportunity to take charge of and direct a certain aspect of the game.

Axie Infinity

The Pokémon franchise which is owned and operated by Nintendo provided immense support for
the creation of this game as well.

Punt Crypto Casino Banner

You may gain AXS tokens just by playing the game, and you can then utilize these tokens to exert
some control over the course of the game.

As you go through the game, you will collect monsters and then put them against one another in
combat. You will be awarded with crypto tokens if you successfully accomplish a mission or defeat a

Your Axie NFTs will become your property, and you will have the ability to resale them, with the
expectation of making a profit in the process.

In order for the Ethereum blockchain to be utilized for the operation of the game, Ronin, a sidechain
that helps minimize transaction costs and latency, is utilized.

As a consequence of this, the in-game economy employs coins that are based on Ethereum. You can
also breed Axies, which will allow you to produce teams that are potentially stronger while also
earning more NFTs for you to sell on the market.

Since these Axies belong to you, you should consider yourself to have complete control over them.
Because of this, you should bear in mind that your Axies may be resold, and that you can also use
them to win bonuses while you are playing.

You have the option of purchasing an NFT Axie and making a profit from the trade with another
player if you can discover someone who is seeking for the same axe that you currently possess.

Buy AXS on eToro

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is one of the greatest coins to invest in when it comes to investing in play-to-earn
cryptocurrencies in 2022.

Buy Lucky Block

To put it more succinctly, Lucky Block is a unique cryptocurrency game platform that is housed on
the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and provides participants with the opportunity to win a jackpot on a
daily basis.

These jackpots are paid out in LBLOCK, the native token of Lucky Block, which allows for the
distribution of prizes to take place more quickly.

In the beginning of this year, LBLOCK began trading on decentralized exchanges, and a 12% tax was
placed on all token sales, with the proceeds going straight into Lucky Block’s reward pool.

As a result, the total value of the prizes up for grabs now exceeds $2.2 million, and the first prize
draw is scheduled to take place in the middle of May 2022.

The Chainlink VRF service will be used to conduct a random drawing to select each winner, which
will ensure that Lucky Block complies with the applicable laws.

Tickets for the daily prize drawings held by Lucky Block may be purchased for $5 USD using LBLOCK
as the acceptable form of payment.

On the Lucky Block website, users have the option of first purchasing BNB using their credit or debit
card and then exchanging that BNB into LBLOCK in a matter of minutes. LBLOCK may be obtained in
this manner.

Notably, LBLOCK holders who link their cryptocurrency wallets to the Lucky Block platform will be
eligible to get a free entry into each of the daily prize draws.

A wide variety of raffles for both digital and real products will be among the other P2E elements that
Lucky Block will make available in addition to these prize drawings for winners.

A Games Gallery component with geo-targeted P2E games will also be included, giving players with
even more opportunity to win rewards.

In addition to all of this, owners of Lucky Block NFTs will be placed into a supplementary daily prize
draw that will take place concurrently with the platform’s main drawings. This means that each day,
you will be presented with two opportunities to win something.

The fact that there are already more than 46,000 people participating in the official Telegram group
is evidence that these aspects of the Lucky Block platform have contributed to the massive amount
of excitement that has been generated.

Since it will soon begin holding prize drawings, Lucky Block is without a doubt our top choice among
the several play-to-earn games that are now available.

Checkout Lucky Block

Final Words

In conclusion, we have discussed the 4 finest play-to-earn games that will be available in 2022,
including the ways in which you may earn money using cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Play to earn

crypto games have been growing in popularity, and as we have covered today, there are a variety of
genres to choose from while playing these games.

If you’re wondering which is a trusted platform to invest in gaming coins? Then you should definitely
try eToro which is a secure and pocket friendly platform through which users may purchase the
cryptocurrency required to gain access to the most lucrative play-to-earn games.

In addition, the commission rate at eToro is a very reasonable 1%, and the platform also enables the
purchase of cryptocurrencies in very precise increments.

Tamadoge, Battle Infinity and Lucky Block are the most popular choice among investors in the best
P2E category.

Here’s another little piece of news you should not miss…
Tamadoge is now in its presale stage, which means that it has the lowest possible entry point
pricing! Opportunities like these are a dime a dozen!

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Tamadoge – Play to Earn Meme Coin

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