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PornRocket ($PORNROCKET) is a community-driven, hyper-deflationary project launched on the Binance Smart Chain. Although they have utilized the cryptocurrency space to launch the project – they are a legitimate business first and foremost, and plan on bringing revolutionary contributions to not only the adult industry but the cryptocurrency space as a whole.

PornRocket is currently developing an adult content sharing platform (similar to OnlyFans), however the upside is that content creators pay ZERO fees – this is and has been a major problem within the adult industry, and so their plan moving forward is to revolutionize the way content creators choose to share their content and influence with the community. Content creators will be compensated what is rightfully theirs and avoid management/administrative fees – this is a projection of what the project is all about. PornRocket will be the native currency to the content sharing platform, and within this same ecosystem they are developing an NFT marketplace, the PornPad, where content creators can auction off their digital collectibles.

PornRocket is ALL about anonymity – for both the content creators and fans. They are COMPLETELY decentralized and plan on staying that way. The fans also deserve to be rewarded for their interaction with the platform, and so the more you interact, the more you will be rewarded with their reward based system – free content and VIP treatment. I personally believe this project has a bright future – they don’t rely on partnerships for their utility to be adopted. They have a REAL use case – a concept that has truly never been done before, not only in the adult industry but also in the cryptocurrency space! As always, DYOR.

PornRocket had a fair launch on May 25th, 2021.

1 Quadrillion total supply with 50% burned on launch.

10% fee with each transaction (whether you buy, sell or withdraw) – 5% gets locked into an LP, the other 5% gets distributed amongst holders through frictionless yield generation.

They have TONS of amateur content creators as well as professionals from the adult industry on board!

The app will be launching Phase 6 of the ‘PornMap’. They are currently in the process of designing/developing the layout, user interface, functionality and UX features of their web based platform and then straight after, full focus and attention will be aimed towards the construction of the decentralized application.

Contract: 0xcf9f991b14620f5ad144eec11f9bc7bf08987622

Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/pornrocket/

Official Links:

🍑Website: www.pornrocket.co

🍑Telegram: www.t.me/prnrocketbackup

🍑Twitter: www.twitter.com/PORNROCKET_

🍑Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/officialpornrocket

🍑Reddit: r/PornRocket

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